Riverton Shadow Estate

For Halloween in 2021, I wanted to make a display that featured a game that guests could play along with as many lights as I could get away with.

Concept Drawing

The idea behind this project was that a pumpkin patch had become overgrown with over-sized vines wrapping the columns of the porch. On these vines would be a collection of orb lights and jack-o-lanterns. All the lights would be synchronized to music and made interactive through a mobile application.

The orb lights were entirely custom—made with RGB LEDs and able to be daisy chained. After far too much soldering, 3d printing, foam carving, and hard-coating the final vines and lights were ready.

Finished product

The result was something quite spectacular, with the entire front of the house covered with a variety of lights, running on 4 different DMX and LED universes.

Guests would scan a QR code to load an app on their phone. Then they could interact with the display and compete with each other to get the high score.