Pumpkin Palooza

In 2022, for Halloween, I decided to make a game that guests can play and compete in. Thus Pumpkin Palooza was born—a game, built in Unreal Engine and projected onto the side of my house, where you press a detonator to explode pumpkins at the right time. Lights and props around the display are sychronized to the game. Players receive a score so it becomes natrual to play again and again, trying to beat your friends and family.

The game featured a virtual graveyard built out in Unreal engine

Graveyard Wireframe

I hand sculpted and animated in Blender all the pumpkin models and some of the set pieces.

Blender Modeling

What I aim for in all of these types of projects is to offer something that guests of all ages can play and enjoy—from small children to adults. This one definitely met that criteria. It was fun to see guests play and engage together.