Perky Pumpkins

The year 2020 saw many things, including pandemic social distancing. In that spirit, I wanted to make a Halloween experience that guests could enjoy at their leisure and at their distance.

The Perky Pumpkins was featured on the evening news. What a highlight!

Concept Drawing

The concept I came up with was based on the already-existing pumpkin projections that exist, but taken further. I wanted to include lights, projection effects, and music.

For the three characters I hired three different voice actors to bring the faces to life. Then for each line I animated the corresponding face in Blender.

These faces were brought into Unity and other effects were added. The engine was connected to the cloud and mobile app to make it interactive.

Pirate Painting
Beach Painting

The final build looked pretty fun, but I'm proud of the fact that you never saw the vast amount of cables and electronics it took to run the display.

Creating the Perky Pumpkins was a fun and challenging project. But having so many people, both old and young, come out and enjoy it was by far the highlight.