Nightmare X: A Halloween Game Show

In my quest to be the weirdest holiday celebrator in my neighborhood, I decided that what I needed to make was a fully automatic Halloween game show!

Promotional Poster

Guests would scan a QR code, form a group, and the game show would begin. It was hosted by my own animatronic creation: Skelvis Cryptly.

To run this character I created custom hardware that allowed me to control all the motors through a DMX network. I also built extensions to Unreal Engine so that I could animate in-engine and it would export to a custom player connected to the DMX controller.

Animatronic Controller
Building the backdrop arch
The finished poduim and animatronic
The prize wheel

This project involved creating a basic set. The arch backdrop had embedded RGB LEDs throughout it. There was also a prize wheel powered by a stepper motor.