Miscellaneous Works

From cakes to parades, I've been able to do a variety of fun things. The art and magic of creation is a thrilling thing to be part of. When I am able to create an experience and see other people enjoy it, there's nothing better.

Drawing of fish

From 2019 through 2021 I was part of a group developing a float for a local parade. These fish are concept for the under-the-sea theme. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and relocating I wasn't able to see the project through to the final build.

For a company party I baked a cake and projected an animated logo onto the side. The animation was made in Blender and the cake was made in my kitchen.

To see more cakes and food-based projects, check out my Behance page.

Cake with projection mapping
Various Logos

While at Torch Insight, I developed a complete ETL solution that powered our entire data warehouse. Of course, with every awesome tool you need an awesome logo. This is a selection of the logo ideas I put together for the project.

To accompany and augment the ETL software (see above), I created a solution for tracking data corrections and handling manual data entry with layers of arbitration and approval. This system seamlessly integrated these changes into the data warehouse. Ringmaster is the name. Data wrangling is the game.

Pirate Painting
Beach Painting

I love to draw and paint. When I have a pencil on paper I feel like my mind comes alive and then ideas and images start forming as I put them onto the page.