Torch Insight Holiday Card

Every year at Torch Insight I have created a digital holiday card that would be sent out to the company. This card is meant to be fun and unique while expanding what I can do in a browser. Previous years pushed the limits of vector graphics and animations. For 2021 I wanted to step into WebGL and do something 3d.

Concept Drawing

The idea was that Torch Insight had partnered with the North Pole. There would be a moving conveyor belt with a variety of branded items moving by. To give it personality, there would be some elves on the belt as well. I started with some concept sketches of the elves.

Using these sketches in Blender, I sculpted, modeled, textured, and rigged the final elf model.

Sculpting and modeling in Blender
Building out the scene in Unity

The elf model, along with additional assets created in Blender, were brought into Unity and a scene was created. I mapped motion capture data onto the elf rigs to bring them to life.

Exporting to WebGL and building some additional functionality on top, the final product was holly and jolly.